Change logs
Currently 107 change logs in total.

122.Increased loot items for danzo
121.New Area 50lvl for all Little Kai Chakra
120.Added Exp Chest for saga temple -1 gold 1 diamond coin (100cc) - 100 gold bars
118.added !dungeon !arena !tower command to check how much is left until the next quest
117.Monster resp changed to 35sec
116.Added new exps for 50-700lvl around 17
115.changed client and added anti-bot 2 functions have been added to the system status Monster DMG , ABSORB
113.change killer bee sprites 700/800
112.change naruto 700/800 sprites
111.change hidan sprites 700/800
110.change hinata sprites 700/800
109.change raikage sprites 800lvl
108.change neji sprites 700/800lvl
107.change madara sprites 700/800lvl
106.change tsunade sprites 800lvl
105.change temarii outfit 700/800lvl
103.change kiba outfit 700/800
102.change sakura outfit 700/800
101.change sai outfit 700/800
100.change tenten outfit 700/800
99.change orochimaru outfit 700/800
98.change shikamaru outfit 700/800
97.change konan outfit 700/800
96.change tsuikage outfit 700/800
95.change outfit boruto 500/600/700 items and exp for saga reward -1 hospital
93.fix danzo missions
92.fix combo hinata and kakuzu
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